What is FrEnDe ?

The name "FrEnDe" comes from the three main languages of the European Union, as known by the native speakers - Francais, English, Deutsch. "Frende" sounds very similar to words like "friend" (in English) or "Freunde"(in German). That's the reason our motto is "Let's be friends!".


The company

The company was founded in 2010 in Bulgaria and its main activities are translation services, language courses and online shop for textbooks, dictionaries and books. Frende LTD was chosen by multiple companies in Bulgaria and worldwide for their constant partner in the field of translations. We are proving our dedication to the job and the best quality of our services by every project completed.


Our aim

At the translation agencies usually work linguists who have graduated from language high-schools or Universities. They are good specialists for language services, but most of the translations are technical texts with specific terminology and it requires deep understanding of the topic. Then the technical specialists are here to help - engineers, doctors, lawyers, chemists. Our aim is to be the missing link between linguists and technical specialists to bring the best technical translations for our customers.




Get high quality technical translations in any language.

Language Courses

Learn fast and easy foreign languages with our online courses.

Computer courses

Find out how to use your computer more efficiently.